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Fintegy is a combination of two words; Financial and Strategy. Financial Strategy in our context is defined as management of assets and liabilities to achieve the intended goals and objectives of business organisations.

Cost-effective Financial Strategy is at the heart of what we do at Fintegy with expert knowledge in Group Insurance, General Insurance, Commercial Insurance and Financial Planning.

We cater to small and medium-sized companies and local conglomerates across various industries to ensure businesses are effectively and optimally protected from financial risks. We are committed to understanding the specific needs of our clients and resultantly providing excellent service experience and innovative solutions.


Fintegy’s culture is built on customer-oriented, reliable and professional.

Core Values

Professionalism is the heartbeat of Fintegy. We uphold the highest standard of our profession.

We pledge to treat our clients with honesty and truthfulness.

Leveraging data to tailor the cost-effective and result-oriented insurance and financial plans.

The Team

The team is empowered and trusted to execute on the excellence of our organisation for our clients. Our financial advisors have hands-on expertise to perform an in-depth, logical, practical and critical analysis of our clients’ needs, goals, short and long-term objectives at each stage.

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